Founder's Message

Mr. Vittal Bhandary (Founder and Managing Director)

Vittal had a vision of nurturing great values in children through a conscious, harmonious and fun-filled early childhood education system. With that discernment and passion, he created Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd.

Vittal and his team have spent twenty five years of relentless focus and concerted effort in developing a profound understanding of the dynamics and diverse aspects of early childhood education and care. Leading an accomplished team of professionals, he has developed a successful, recognized and respected brand and organization in this market segment in India. The vast and ever-growing number of preschools and childcare environments operating under the Little Elly and Elly Childcare flagships, teacher training institute LETTER and K-12 school Glentree Academy bear testament to this fact.

Vittal’s enterprising ideas, perseverance and steadfast belief in this concept, has led to   successful diversifications of the business into areas of children’s publications, creation of learning aids and providing pedagogic support, early schooling, daycare and corporate affiliate programs.

Mr. Vittal Bhandary - Founder and Managing Director
Mrs. Preeti Bhandary - Co-Founder And Curriculum Directo

Mrs. Preeti Bhandary (Co-Founder And Curriculum Director)

Preeti is a veteran educationist and an entrepreneur. She has over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education and Care. Her views on working with young minds are radical,progressive and dynamic.

Preeti considers each child as an individual. She is passionate about unearthing and cultivating a child’s potential through creative, stimulating and exclusive channels. She has spent a large part of her career evolving unrivaled curriculums to foster the individual needs of a child to mould him/her into an exclusive person.

Preeti feels that right Teacher training is the key to imparting right education to children. The teacher plays a great role in shaping the right attitude in students. She sees teachers as dynamic and emergent in their role. With a need to provide indepth and intense inhouse training , she designed LETTER program to improve the quality of teachers.

Preeti is also highly respected and regarded in the industry for being a patient and
encouraging mentor to those who share her insight of the vision, mission and philosophy on
education at all levels.