LETTER is an autonomous institution. The certificates are awarded by Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd. Some of the programs offered by LETTER are affiliated and approved by Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS). BSS is a developmental agency, promoted by Government of India. Upon successful completion of the program, the trainees will be awarded certificates from BSS and also from Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd.

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Why Choose LETTER

  • To learn the basics of teaching in a pre-school and primary setting dealing with toddlers and growing children
  • Pick up the tools of effective teaching, including communication and language skills
  • Equips the individual to manage groups of small children, bright, normal and t different levels of learning abilities
  • LETTER programs help to practice activity based and experiential learning in children
  • The curriculum of LETTER covers latest technology in teaching and use it effectively
  • MIP or monitored internship programs guides the trainee the joy of helping children at formative years become successful and responsible citizens.
  • Build a career in teaching with concomitant monetary benefits and professional satisfaction.
  • 100% placement assistance.
  • Flexible timings and batches for the college students to complete the course within their schedule
  • All the programs are credit based and transfer of credits possible towards the completion of other programs offered under LETTER.