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What Makes Us Special

  • Experienced and skilled faculty.
  • Training in a school environment.
  • Optimal batch size with flexible timings.
  • Online programs for working teachers.
  • MIP – Monitored Internship Program.
  • 100% placement assistance.


Welcome to LETTER

Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd. has over a decade of experience and insight in the field of education. Other verticals of the company include preschools, childcare services, and a K-10 educational institute.

The Teacher Training division of the company has been functional for over 6 years and offers programs in early childhood education students of LETTER range from fresh graduates, homemakers, professionals looking for a change in career to experienced teachers currently working at various schools.

LETTER aims to “train, nurture and upskill aspirants to become high-quality teachers. It prepares teachers for the current dynamic and emergent scenario of the post covid era.

Our objective is to improve the quality of student learning through high-grade teaching, at all levels.

Our focus is to train, nurture and upskill the aspirants to become superior teachers. Our courses are extensive and hands-on. They accelerate teachers’ communication skills, integrate professional ethics and impart knowledge on classroom teaching, organizational skills and technology in teaching. We strongly believe that the only way to improve the standard of education is to empower the teachers in various aspects of teaching.

We are sure, every aspirant of LETTER will emerge out as a successful and well-equipped educator.

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    Learning Edge

    Learning Edge


    Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd has been an award-winning path-paver in the field of education for over a decade now. Winning much recognition puts it ahead of its competitors. Today, there are many participants in the blossoming business of early childhood education in India. Each of these mushrooming pre-schools has their unique offers for children and parents and assured recipes for success. But the key missing ingredient from most of these recipes is “good quality teachers.” There is a definite dearth of dedicated, trained and competent teachers who are passionate about making a difference in the early childhood years and are not just looking at a pre-school teacher’s job as a means of whiling their time. This is where Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd has again stepped up to take responsibility of turning around this grave situation.
    It has an established LETTER division which aims at getting pre-school teachers academically and experientially ready for their challenging and fun roles.

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    The Need for Teachers Education

    Great teachers help create great students. Educating and imparting knowledge is the most fundamental part of any teaching job. The act of teaching is personal and unique to an individual. The way the teacher teaches showcases her personality, experience and ambition. But learning is a cooperative effort. Just as a teacher has a teaching style, each student also has a unique learning style.
    Quality of education is just as good as the quality of teachers. The only way to improve the standard of education is to empower the teachers with skills, content, methodology and technology.
    In fact, research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement, so teachers’ training is very critical.

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    Why choose LETTER

    To learn the basics of teaching in a pre-school and primary setting dealing with toddlers and growing children
    Pick up the tools of effective teaching, including communication and language skills.
    Equips the individual to manage groups of small children, bright, normal and t different levels of learning abilities.
    Build a career in teaching with concomitant monetary benefits and professional satisfaction.
    LETTER programs help to practice activity based and experiential learning in children
    The curriculum of LETTER covers latest technology in teaching and use it effectively
    MIP or monitored internship programs guides the trainee the joy of helping children at formative years become successful and responsible citizens.
    Flexible timings and batches for the college students to complete the course within their schedule.
    100% placement assistance.



    Diploma in Preschool and Primary School Education (DPPSE)

    DPPSE program offered by LETTER is an excellent choice for aspirants who want to start a career in teaching. This is a right option for qualified graduate and postgraduate homemakers who wish to pursue careers in teaching. Ten months DPPSE program gives qualified teaching status and eligibility to the aspiring individuals to teach the classes up to grade 5, which is also called as primary years of the children. The Monitored Internship Program (MIP) which is part of the course gives a complete picture on the teaching profession

    Diploma in Preschool Education

    DPSE is an exclusive program for individuals who want to make a career in Early Childhood Education. The eight-month Diploma program takes place in a school environment. The trainees get an opportunity to be part of preschool classroom teaching and observe children in their learning environment. The projects and case studies along with classroom observation. Thoroughly equip them to be preschool teachers. The trainees get complete hands-on training on story telling, puppets and creative teaching.

    Certification In Classroom Teaching and Instructional Strategies

    For a teacher to excel, her knowledge alone is not enough. She should know certain strategies to manage her classroom, her students, her teaching methodologies and assessment techniques to become a successful teacher. This program gives an in-depth understanding of various aspects of classroom teaching.

    Certification In Technology in Teaching

    Technology is integral part of our lives. For students, it is very important aspect of their academics. For Teachers & schools, it is a part of the classroom. Teachers use technology for their own learning and also to enhance their teaching. Unfortunately, many of us does not completely make use of Technology, especially the teachers. This program on Technology in Teaching introduces various usage of technology in classroom.


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