Diploma in Preschool Education (DPSE)


  1. This is a 210-hour program with additional 50 hours of internship.
  2. This Program runs over a period of eight months.
  3. The program carries 26 credits.
  4. Viva-voce and Internship are part of the program.

Course Content:

  1. History of Education
  2. Child Development and Early Childhood Education.
  3. Personality Development of a Child
  4. A Teacher’s Personality
  5. Different Models of Preschool Education.
  6. Nutrition, Health & Safety.
  7. Classroom Teaching & Instructional Strategies – Preschool.
  8. Technology in Teaching & Functional English

Examinations & Assessments:

Every program has a written examination at the end of the course. 40 % of the marks are calculated from the Internal assessments. Internal Assessments include seminars, group discussions, teaching aids, micro teaching, mini projects & viva. 60% of the marks are calculated from the external written examination. The overall pass percentage is 50%. The candidates who are acquiring above 75% will be awarded distinction. Candidates acquiring less than 40% will be considered as “Failed”. Examinations are conducted twice in a year – April and November. The candidates who have failed to clear the exam, can take the re-exam by paying an additional cost of Exam fee

Mode of Delivery:

Currently the Diploma Courses are offered in offline and online mode both – classes will be held on the weekdays on regular basis. The Weekday batches are conducted 9 hours per week. Typically, the timings of the classes are from 10am to 1pm. Sometimes, the class timings are altered as per the batch requirements.